Sileta Hodge Bell

Sileta Hodge-Bell, MFT Intern


Hey there! I am Sileta Hodge-Bell, a current Marriage and Family Therapy Student of Abilene Christian University, in Texas. As a Family Therapy Intern in pursuit of licensure in the state of Georgia, I am excited about working with women, adolescents, couples, and the entire family.

Under the systemic therapy approach, I can help to facilitate a dialogue that will aid individuals in identifying patterns in self, relationships, and among family members. Whether clients are seeking therapy to combat depression, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, or issues within their relationship, recognizing unhealthy patterns is a revealing step towards a solution.

With close to a decade of working hands-on with the African American community as a small business consultant and mentor, I am now eager to serve this same group using my therapeutic lens.

Beyond my aspiration of one day opening a private practice and going on to secure a doctorate degree in this field, my overarching goal at each level of my career is to remain an advocate for making health services accessible to the underserved.

I am excited about the new client relationships I will be building while interning at The Hardy Clinic.

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