Veylon L. Kidané, M.Ed

Veylon L. Kidané, M.Ed

Psychology, Education & Counseling

Welcome! My name is Veylon Kidané. I am a clinician from the state of Maryland/District of Columbia. I started my educational career at Bowie State University obtaining a B.S in Communications followed by a Masters in Psychology, Education & Counseling from the University of Missouri. Within that time, I also completed a Behavioral Health Certification Program at the Community College of Baltimore County.

I began my professional career working with at-risk African American youth. Through that work, I found my passion in eliminating the gap between true wellness and the stigma around mental health in our community. I believe that every human can benefit from therapy, in any form.

My goal is to curate a relationship that will allow me to assist you with developing strategies to take control of your growth & progression. This can help you become empowered to move past life’s constant obstacles, providing a safe space that allows for improved happiness, self-esteem, and a healthier relationship with yourself and others. I believe in utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, as well as person-centered therapy to treat each client’s individual needs, because everyone is unique.

I believe that therapy is a tool, not a solution.

It cannot fix or change systemic issues, but it can be a resource to aid in coping and adjusting.

Therapy’s benefits can be as monumental as you allow it to be.

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